What Does it Mean to be Team Fuqua?

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What Does it Mean to be Team Fuqua?

If you’ve been researching top business schools, you’ve probably heard of Team Fuqua. Maybe you know that Duke MBA and EMBA students rally together and call themselves Team Fuqua, but you wonder why. But what does it really mean?

Being a part of Team Fuqua is not just about encouraging teamwork and collaboration. On a higher level, it’s about creating a philosophy to live by that is based on 6 core principles: authentic engagement, supportive ambition, collective diversity, impactful stewardship, loyal community and uncompromising integrity.

Through these principles, Team Fuqua believes that alone we can do little, and together we can do much. These beliefs teach students that many minds are stronger than the strongest individual mind. It teaches students that together they are a community, and within that community they share responsibility. This shared responsibility and commitment to succeeding for the good of the whole is carried with students throughout their lives.

These ideals are embedded both in the Duke-Fuqua curriculum and in the student culture. MBA programs are filled to the brim with over-achieving and extremely competitive students. Fuqua, however, is all about funneling that ambition into positive collaboration. Rather than pushing oneself to the maximum, Fuqua teaches its students to push themselves to the optimal.

The greater sense of community is what makes student life at Fuqua so great. Duke-Fuqua students are extremely active student clubs and governance, and ensuring that there is a healthy level of work-life balance. Some clubs like the Net Impact Club organize treks to nearby cities for “Week-in-Cities” trips to learn about businesses all over the region and work with Habitat for Humanity to rebuild communities in need. In MBA Games, students help sponsor the Special Olympics of North Carolina.

But Team Fuqua is about more than a club or a field trip. It’s an entire culture. Today’s business world is extremely cutthroat — that’s no secret. Many students have grown up in this type of environment. But what Team Fuqua teaches is that this type of environment can hinder growth. It can cause potential successes to break down. To succeed, what we really need is to be able to rely on one another. It teaches that true leadership is the ability to form a common vision and direct individual wants and objectives toward a wider purpose.

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