Why Choose Berkeley-Haas EMBA

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Why Choose Berkeley-Haas EMBA

Do you want to learn surrounded by Vice Presidents of the world’s most impactful healthcare organizations, executives of Warner Bros. Productions, fellows of Raytheon and managers of Intel? These are some of the minds that have formed the Berkeley-Haas EMBA.

The Berkeley-Haas EMBA program was opened just a year and a half ago, in May of 2013, and replaced their previous EMBA, which was run in partnership with Columbia Business School. For some, the newness of the program can be a large bonus. Haas is one of the world’s top MBA programs, taught by some of the most world-renowned professors. Now, executives can get the same experience and Berkeley MBA without having to sacrifice time in their job. It can also mean that the faculty and staff are eager for the program to make a name for itself, and that they will be very flexible to cater to each student’s unique needs. To date, the average enrollee in the Haas EMBA program is 36 years old and has a median 13 years of work experience.

The Berkeley-Haas EMBA is situated in the Bay Area, combining the entrepreneurial spirit of San Francisco with the innovative minds of Silicon Valley. Through Haas’ immersive learning program, which brings together global partners, premium location and diverse mindsets, EMBA students are able to leverage a wide range of resources to help push them into the next level of success. The program itself is extremely competitive for admission and very intense. Twenty-five percent of the Haas EMBA is comprised of experiential learning, which gives students firsthand insights to leadership situations and boosting collaboration with similarly ambitious Berkeley students.

The program is comprised of a total of five terms, each with five course sessions. Classes generally meet three days a week, Thursday through Saturday. The first three terms are made of core courses, giving students the opportunity to choose electives and independent study areas for the last two terms. UC Berkeley, which is often known for its quirky and innovative elective courses, updates their elective courses regularly to reflect current trends and fresh ideas. Students are also required to participate in off-site block weeks in terms one through three, an international seminar in term four, and a block week in Washington, DC in term five.

Final applications for the 2015 start Haas EMBA program are due on February 23, 2015.


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