Women in Business. Spotlight: INSEAD

Posted By SWatts on Dec 31, 2014 |

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Women in Business. Spotlight: INSEAD

Women are still the minority in business school. Since 2007, the percentage of female MBA students at INSEAD has doubled to its current rate of over 33%. At INSEAD, the goal is to achieve even greater equality for women in business by raising the rate of women studying business up to 50%, giving women the self-assurance and expertise to succeed in what is still largely driven male business world.

Few schools have been as involved in bridging gender inequality as INSEAD. The year 2005 marked the launch of INSEAD Women in Business (IWIB), a women-centered club that has become one of the school’s most active organizations. IWIB not only informs people of the diversity and gender inequalities that exist in the business world, but aims to band businesswomen and MBA participants together in support of greater equal opportunity. IWIB sponsors forums on hot topics such as women in consulting, workshops such as harnessing the skills of negotiation, and panels to introduce INSEAD MBA students to successful female INSEAD alumni. In 2010, IWIB commenced its first Women’s Leadership Conference, sharing advice for women on how to overcome the odds. IWIB also works very closely with recruiting companies and INSEAD Career Services to help women gain networking connections in all sectors of the business workforce.

In 2008, INSEAD established the Gender Diversity Initiative, a sizeable measure to expand women’s participation in business around the world. With the initiative on the move and supported by one of the world’s top forces for women in leadership, professor Herminia Ibarra, INSEAD began researching practices to better empower women in free enterprise, economic development, leadership, and organizational management. Additionally, in 2012, out of the 200 scholarships granted by INSEAD, 48% were awarded to female students – five of which were open to female-only applicants. This is substantial, considering that the student body is composed a third of women.

Most recently, INSEAD joined with Harvard Business School in the creation of a women-centered fellows program spanning 20 days throughout the year. The program combines case studies, classroom work, group projects, and workshops to improve women’s knowledge in negotiation, global affairs, and marketing, while offering the women invaluable support from fellow female professionals.