Women in Management at MIT Sloan

Posted By SWatts on Jan 25, 2014 |

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Women in Management at MIT Sloan 

One of the largest, most distinguished and influential clubs on the MIT Sloan campus is Sloan Women in Management (SWIM). SWIM was built by a series of strong women with the goal of creating greater opportunities for women in business through community and career, attracting the best talented women to Sloan, and guiding them through year-round panels, conferences, discussions, skill-building workshops, a strong alumnae network and mentorship program, and a supportive community.

The three main and long-awaited events held by SWIM are the 80s Prom C-Function, the annual SWIM Conference, and the Celebration Brunch. The Awesome 80s Prom is the first event of the season, kick-starting the school year just after the first week of class by inviting all students to participate in the event at Walker Memorial dressed in favorite 80s attire. The annual SWIM Conference held in February takes on a new theme each year. For 2013, the theme took the edgy title Dare to Fail: Taking Risks When It Matters Most. The line-up of speakers was made of carefully selected women who have themselves dared to fail and can share their experiences, decision making processes, failures and successes. Speakers include Maria Cirino, Co-Founder and Managing Director of .406 Ventures, and Sandra O’Connor, Treasurer of JP Morgan Chase & Co., who stepped into her role just as JP Morgan Chase announced a $2B trading loss. Finally, the year concludes with the Celebration Lunch, held at the Liberty Hotel to celebrate the achievements and triumphs attained across the Sloan campus throughout the year. The event serves as a memorable capstone to the year, reminding the women of SWIM the bonds that have been forged throughout the year, challenges overcome, and openings for future success.

The class profile of Sloan full-time MBAs has risen within the past few years up to 34% female and continues to climb from year to year. Sloan continues to be committed to adding greater diversity to its MBA class profile, as well as providing its female students with the wealth of resources they need to succeed, including Sloan LGBT, MIT Women’s League, MIT Spouses & Partners, Significant Others of Sloan, and many consortiums and networks to open women MBAs to resources beyond Sloan’s walls, such as 85 Broads, Forte Foundation, Catalyst, and The Deshpande Center.