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EMBA and MBA Ding Analysis

Wharton EMBA results are out for Round 1 applicants today. Were you placed on the waitlist? Admission is still possible! But you must identify the areas of weaknesses in your application or candidacy and address them. Understanding areas for improvement is essential for putting together an effective waitlist strategy.

For candidates who received a rejection letter, rejection doesn’t mean other top EMBA programs are out of reach. But to enhance your odds of success at another school, it is also imperative that you pinpoint the top reasons why your application was not successful at Wharton. Analyze your application for improvement areas.

A good EMBA Ding Analysis or MBA Ding Analysis should serve as a valuable learning tool. Here’s what you should look for in a comprehensive analysis:

An MBA Ding Analysis Should Assess Strengths and Weaknesses:

  • Detailed evaluation of each application component: This includes your essays, resume, letters of recommendation, test scores, GPA, and work experience. The analysis should identify areas where you excelled and areas that could be improved.
  • Specific feedback on essays: You should receive comments on the clarity, originality, and persuasiveness of your essays. Did they effectively showcase your strengths, goals, and fit with the school?
  • Identification of potential “red flags”: Were there any errors, inconsistencies, or weaknesses in your application that may have negatively impacted your candidacy?

An MBA Ding Analysis Should Provide Actionable Advice:

  • Recommendations for improvement: The analysis should suggest concrete steps you can take to strengthen your application for future rounds or reapplications. This may include advice on essay topics, work experience, volunteer activities, or test score improvement strategies.
  • Guidance on school selection: Did you target the right school(s)? The analysis might suggest re-evaluating your target list based on your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Next steps and timeline: If you plan to reapply, the analysis should provide a timeline and strategies for approaching the next application cycle.

Remember, a good MBA Ding Analysis should be honest, constructive, and offer actionable advice to help you move forward. It’s an investment in your future applications and can provide valuable insights into the competitive world of MBA admissions.

Need assistance? MBA can help with Waitlist Strategies and MBA Ding Analyses. We have helped many people move off Wharton’s waitlist to achieve admission! We have also helped people reapply successfully!

To discuss with Dr. Shelle how a Ding Analysis can help you or to sign up for an MBA Ding Analysis, please send us an email to or phone 714-742-5281.

Standard MBA Ding Analysis Rate: $525 (Includes review of one application and one hour of feedback)

Extended MBA Ding Analysis Rate: $725 (Includes review of one application and a 90 minute call, which provides more time for providing strategic direction for how to approach your reapplication or new application to another school)

Prices expire 12/26/23.

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