The Booth Full-Time MBA Program

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The Booth Full-Time MBA Program

Although the rankings and location of the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business are exemplary reasons for the school’s high popularity, Booth is unique also in its focus on employment for its students, flexible courses to allow personalized curriculum, and a strong focus on the quantitative sections of business, which include finance but also marketing and entrepreneurship.

When reviewing prospective students’ applications, the Booth admissions committee carefully reads through applicant’s goals to ensure that the goals stated are achievable and likely. Once admitted to the school, Booth works closely with all of its students throughout their tenure at Chicago to carefully hone in on career interests and pursuits and properly assess where students will best excel after graduation. Booth career management begins with a web-based self-assessment to determine interests, values, talents, and motivators. From there, students receive personalized coaching on assessing appropriate career goals, how to navigate the job search, how to properly interview, and how to negotiate salary and benefits offers. Career management services also offer workshops such as mock interviews and resume and cover letter correction. As a result of these career management services, hands-on internships, and access to top jobs through campus recruiters and referrals, over 90% of Booth’s 2011 class was employed within 3 months of graduation.

However, in order for Booth to appeal to companies so well, they must offer a one-of-a-kind curriculum. In fact, Booth offers arguably the most flexible curriculum of all B-schools, requiring only one course so that students can completely design their course load around their interests. In addition to traditional classroom courses, Booth offers a variety of lab courses for a hands-on approach to learning to gain marketable skills in small enterprise, management, private equity, social entrepreneurship, clean tech, and more.

Additionally, as mentioned previously, one of the aspects of Booth that make the school stand out exceptionally is its focus on the quantitative portion of business – a focus that is becoming ever more important in today’s data-driven world. As such, courses are offered in statistics, microeconomics, financial accounting, and marketing as well as concentrations in in-demand areas such as analytic management, economics, international business, marketing management, strategic management, and econometrics and statistics, to name a few. Combined with a prime location in the center of Chicago as well as a vast and diverse student body with whom to collaborate at the University of Chicago, Booth MBAs are placed in a first-class setting to lead to success.

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